Room Scheduling
Digital Signage
Performance Analysis
Simple and Elegant Room Scheduling
Available in a wide range of customizable materials and colors to perfectly match your décor.
Use facility scheduling and wayfinding to let everyone know what's happening.
Create a unique installation to fit custom requirements.
Integrate digital signage in any style.
Menus, lists, announcements, messaging and more.
A flexible, scalable, open platform.
Deep insight so your organization can maximize room use, asset allocation and ROI.
Pacific Interactive's Room Scheduling and Digital Signage platform provides the power, flexibility and insight to deliver and manage all your signage requirements.

Pacific Interactive creates technologies and products that manage, monitor, control and automate enterprise-class audio-visual installations for corporate, retail, education and hospitality markets.

Since its founding, Pacific Interactive (PI) has been creating inventive technology and solutions for customers such as Microsoft, NBC-Universal, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Caesar's Palace, Cisco Systems, IAC Interactive Corp and a host of others.

Earning the trust of these world class companies is borne of a commitment to customers and PI's powerful technologies that allow organizations to get the most from their communication investments. PI creates value for its customers by leveraging well-known, industry-standard hardware and software that assures easy integration into IT infrastructures.

Pacific Interactive Corporation is privately held with sales, engineering, manufacturing and corporate headquarters located in Seattle, Washington.

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