Pacific Interactive TIF Tally System

Pacific Interactive’s TIF Tally System provides visual confirmation of intercom system status for broadcast control rooms, network operations centers and operations who depend on intercom communications. The system monitors telephone interfaces (POTS or SIP) and displays complete line status on one or multiple monitors. A typical installation has a monitor in the rack room and a larger display in the control room. Status is also available via a secure web interface on any browser.

A change of line state (off-hook to on or on-hook to off) is indicated by flashing the background of the associated line. The ALPHA descriptions are updated in near real-time and can be sources from RTS VLink, RTS Trunkmaster or directly from the RTS Master Controller and individual extension numbers can be easily changed. Audio TX/RX metering is also available.

PI’s Tally System also provides health monitoring of critical data connections and hardware interfaces. In the event of a detected fault, the system can automatically send email to one or more responsible parties. This feature can also be configured to trigger pagers.

PI’s Tally System supports a variety of implementations and is available in configurations sized to fit a single location with only a few lines to multi-national broadcast environments with large numbers of lines and studios.

Key features:

  • Interfaces with POTS or SIP lines

  • Monitors line connection status

  • Displays ALPHA updates in near real-time

  • Displays audio TX/RX levels

  • Provides health status alerts via e-mail

  • Scales to fit requirements

  • Customizable layout and style

Below is a short video that demonstrates the system in a typical installation.

The TIF Tally system is currently available in 3 different configurations to meet a wide array of requirements.

  • A full RTS VLINK implementation provides intelligent integration of SIP line status, audio send and receive meters, Virtual Matrix State and automatic update of all ALPHA information. Line status and ALPHA updates are nearly instantaneous and all line changes are reflected in near real-time even when initiated from RTS Panels. A diagram of this system as implemented at NBC Universal at 30 Rockefeller Center can be seen here.

  • An IntraCom VCOM implementation shows VCOM and SIP line connection status as well as live audio send and receive meters. The PI TIF Tally server updates ALPHA, line number and other data fields in near-real-time to all displays. These fields can be updated easily from the TIF Tally admin web page. To learn more about Intracom and the VCOM product line, click here.

  • A Stand-alone implementation requires only that the PI TIF Tally system be connected to analog contact closures which indicate the on-hook/off-hook status of each line. This system uses an integrated data store. All phone numbers, identifiers and ancillary data can be entered directly from an administration web page. Documentation for the system as implemented at Univision and Telemundo can be seen here.

  • Add custom headers and columns in a host of languages and character sets.

  • TIF Tally logos, colors, fonts, column names and layout can be modified to provide the right look.