Web-based tools to manage your facility


Managing your facility is a snap with PI's powerful suite of web-based tools. Dashboard provides instant, at-a-glance, real-time views of all devices including status, network address, current device show, media playback and even display power.  Something not right? Dashboard includes the tools you need to remotely manage any playback device including Room Info Displays, Media Players and Wayfinding displays.




Need to add a room reservation on the fly? No problem, Dashboard gives you the ability to update settings from anywhere using just a browser.

You can even add a customer image to display along with other meeting information like Meeting Name and a handy Notes field.


Need access to Dashboard on your mobile device? Easy! The same interface used on the desktop scales to give you all Dashboard's power and capabilities on your smartphone or tablet. 

Need to add room reservations or change locations on the fly? Need to change the look of every display right now? Absolutely! Mobile Dashboard provides access to Room Info capabilities giving you total control from virtually anywhere. 

PI's Dashboard lets you see and control exactly what's on a display right now... even from your mobile device.